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12Be there! Corfu Animation Festival announces its selected animated films for its competition program.
45 films were selected for the short competitive section, and 21 films for the graduation short. Read interesting points about the selection process and the film's subject matter, and see the full film lineup. 


Be there! Corfu Animation Festival, and its selection committee in particular, gladly announces a large amount of films submitted (from Sydney to Argentina and from Taiwan and Iran to Sweden), with very diverse and broad subject-matters.

Animators were inspired by society as a whole and its side-occurring events, and this constituted their reference point: environmental issues (sometimes with poetic vision), immigration and racism, diversity intolerance, but also human personal relations and a parody of social stereotypes abound in diverse cinematic genres.

Three important points of worthy report are firstly the fact that among the candidacies of Be there! Corfu Animation Festival are found films appraised by certain other international Festivals, secondly the attendance in the final list even of Oscar candidacies and thirdly the significant until now promotion of the island of Corfu in international Mass Media through the reports of journalists, artists and the public.

The selection committee of Be there! Corfu Animation Festival has completed its task, and announces 43 films in the short competitive section and 21 films for the graduation short competitive section among many worthy films of artistic merit. However, it feels the need to thank all the artists and their production teams. It also officially welcomes them to our festival (7-10 April), that now starts its final countdown.

The festival will reward the two best films from each competitive section on Sunday, 10 April, the last festival day.



Anna Blume, Vessela Dantcheva (GERMANY/BULGARIA)
A New Life, Fred Joyeux (FRANCE)
Barking Island, Serge Avedikian (FRANCE)
Ben Hora, Nicolas Bianco & Julie Rembauville (FRANCE)
Birdboy, Pedro Rivero (SPAIN)
Boot The Boots Up, Roberto Prado (BRAZIL/AUSTRALIA)
Clouds Hands, Massi Simone (FRANCE)
December Song, Yibi Hu (UK)
Dinner, Chian-Fan Liou (TAIWAN)
Erhu For My People, Andreas Karaoulanis (GR)
Friends and Enemies, Roberto Prado (BRAZIL/AUSTRALIA)
Greek Side Story,  Tasos Papatsoris (GR)
I Am Round, Mario Adamson (SWEDEN)
It's not food, David Myriam (FRANCE)
Jumping Boy, Huang Jhih-Wun & Zheng Rui-Zhe & Tung Yu-Ching (TAIWAN)
Last Night's Rain, Valentin Olshvang (RUSSIA)
Laterarius, Marina Rosset (SWITZERLAND)
Lobster Club, Milo Waterfield (UK)
Lose This Child, Yuval & Merav Nathan (ISRAEL)
Madagascar, a journey diary, Bastien Dubois (FRANCE)
Me, The King and My Dad, Azadeh Moezzi (IRAN)
Miss Daisy Cutter, Laen Sanches (FRANCE)
Once Upon A Time In The Battlefield, Αλίκη Τσιγκρή (GR)
Orchises Fair, Natalia Dziedzic (POLAND)
Patterns, Ebele Okoye (NIGERIA/GERMANY)
Pigeon Impossible, Lucas Martell (USA)
Please Call Back Later, Yulia Ruditskaya (BELARUS)
Presence.Of.People.Not.For.Me, Alma Bakiaj (GR)
Puppets, Emilios Theofanous (GR)
Recycle, Nikos Mamalos (GR)
Ritual, Zbigniew Czapla (POLAND)
Salesman Pete and The Amazing Stone From Outer Space, Marc Bouyer (FRANCE)
Shapeshifter, Alex Weil (USA)
Swimming Pool, Alexandra Hetmerova (CZECH REPUBLIC)
Swings and Milkshakes, Erick Ricco & Fernando Mendes (BRAZIL)
Τhe azure soul, Julia Gromskaya (ITALY)
The boy and the tree, Panagiotis Rappas (GR)
The Essence, Ebele Okoye (NIGERIA/GERMANY)
The Man Who Slept,  Ines Sedan (FRANCE)
The Silence Beneath The Bark, Joanna Lurie (FRANCE)
The Twin Girls Of Sunset Street, Marc Riba & Anna Solanas (SPAIN)
The Woman's Day Gift, Michael Dvoryankin (RUSSIA)
Walking Angel, Chun Chuang & Yun Liao & Ji Jhen Chen (TAIWAN)
White Tape, Michal & Uri Kranot (DENMARK/ISRAEL)
Wool and Water, Michele Santini (ITALY)



1.2 Million Children, Effie Pappa (GR)
O, Emmanuel-Foteinos Ioannidis (GR)
Baka, Immanuel Wagner (SWITZERLAND)
Between Bears, Eran Hilleli (ISRAEL)
Custard, Peter Millard (UK)
Echo, Dennis Van Den Bergh (BELGIUM)
Filomena, Julio C. Lopes (BELGIUM)
Laika, Avgousta Zourelidi (UK)
Memory, Hung-Yi Yeh (USA/TAIWAN)
Mr Tetelin, Lilli Kontodima (GR)
Orsolya, Bella Szederkenyi (HUNGARY)
Self-portrait, Andreas Vakalios (GR)
Silent Touch, Tomek Ducki (UK)
Stanley Pickle, Victoria Mather (UK)
The Birth, Christos Papachristos (GR)
Τhe Goat and The Well, Ben Cady (UK)
The Little Stonemason, Kajal Verma (UK)
The Umbrella, Xin Li (AUSTRALIA)
Warm Winter, Xin Li (AUSTRALIA)
Vovo, Luiz Lafayette Stockler (UK)
Xameno Paixnidi, Antonis Dimitropoulos (GR)



Adhunik Cement, Suresh Eriyat (INDIA)
A letter, a story: the uncomped cow, Aristarchos Papadaniel (GR)
A letter, a story: The frog violonist, Aristarchos Papadaniel (GR)
Godrej Ezee, Suresh Eriyat (INDIA)
Milos Advert,  Dimitris Krokidis (GR)
Schweppes – Bar, Suresh Eriyat (INDIA)
Schweppes – Size, Suresh Eriyat (INDIA)
Signature film for River To River Indian Film Festival, Suresh Eriyat (INDIA)
Usha Sewing Machine, Suresh Eriyat (INDIA)



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