Be there! 2011 trailer

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bethere300x275Watch Be there! Corfu Animation Festival 2011 trailer! 


Inspired by Corfu town during spring, and the new festival that takes off.


Festival Location

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Area: 591 sqkm
Population: 120.000
Language: Greek
Currency: EURO

Why Corfu
Corfu (Kerkyra, Corfu) Island belongs to the Ionian Island cluster, on the western side of mainland Greece and is considered one of the prime vacation resorts in the world due to its mild climate, geographical position, superb sites, exquisite natural beauty and amazing architecture.
Corfu Island represents legends and incidents that determined its history. The European influences are visible everywhere and harmoniously coexist, giving to the city a special character.
Travelling to Corfu is easy by plane, by boat, by own yacht and by car.
The visitor that will wander around the city of Corfu will have the chance to discover the 'dowry' that nature and man gave to Corfu.
Corfu offers an escape into an exquisite serenity of natural beauty, and also interesting monuments of history and art, superb Venetian architecture, picturesque villages and a great cosmopolitan way of life.
Here that Europe meets Greece and the nature ungrudgingly spreads hundreds the shades of green and blue, the Corfiot Civilization developed with significant particularities that made it stand apart.


The central cinema in Corfu town, and recently refurbished. It has a capacity of 800 places, and includes a bar and a foyer.  It will host film screenings, tributes and retrospectives.


The Ionian Parliament is found on Moustoxidi street, former Plati Kantouni street. From 1849 to 1863, its neoclassical building hosted the meetings of the Parliament of the Ionian Islands. It wil host the award ceremony of the 3rd Be there! Corfu Animation Festival.


Polytechno is located in the Corfu Town and It will host during the festival the main part of workshops, graduation and panorama film screenings and retrospectives.


Public Library of Corfu operates since 1800, and has invaluable documents and books in its holdings. It is located in the Old Citadel, and services more than 13.000 members. It is equipped with an up-to-date information center. It will host the scientific, open discussion "Animation in the 21st century: It's everywhere" on Saturday, 6 April.

Be There! in short

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Be there! Corfu Animation Festival is the international animation festival that has Corfu as its touchstone, constituting a meeting point for animation artists from all over the world, already from its very first edition (April 2011).

The art of animation, much broader than that of cartoons, has been too hastily defined as children's art, or merely as an art addressed to and inspired by the children. From our part, we do feel that the art of animation is mainly addressed to those who have the courage to think and the stoutness to see things like children do.

The recent achievements and the artistic recognition of films like Persepolis, The Triplets of Belleville and Up have given us the impetus to aim at our mission with a lot of imagination but meticulously attending to the details.

Animation films have always unfolded the uncontrollable play of imagination, either in form of stop-motion (puppets, clay and so on) and of 2D/3D computer animation or even traditional cel animation, which enchants and fascinates the fans of new technologies as well as the general audience, through the use of images which provoke intense feelings.

Be there! Corfu Animation Festival sets as its mission the full and absolute respect for the artistic effort of animation artists, using professional criteria to select and screen animated films, also including a pedagogic axis of workshops and screenings; festival activities equally approach and concern children, adults, professionals and general audience alike.

Be there! Corfu Animation Festival is a feast for the art of animation, which lasts four days, and employs an educational, entertaining, but foremost an artistic look. Its programme includes 3 competitive sections (short films, graduation films, feature animation films), retrospectives, collaborations with other international animation festivals, original thematic tributes, Greek premieres, masterclasses & workshops and a Kids, Be there! programme with seminars and children workshops.

For all of you who create and express yourselves through animation films, this is the chance to submit your film.

Using the artistically rich island and city of Corfu as your animation base, you will have the opportunity to share the joy of images, and the experience of participation.

Be there!

The organizing team of Be there!

Meet The Festival Team

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Vassilis Kroustallis,
artistic director 

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Alexandros Tziotis,
general director

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Mando Mazi,
youth programme director

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Kostis Vrettos,
Human Resources and Development Manager

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George Oikonomou,
Subtitle Manager & Competition Section Coordinator

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Aglaia Pantelaki,
programming manager

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Danai Kouvara,
press & social media manager

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Giorgos Vardakis,
communication officer


Ιsmini Karantzi,
development officer


Vassilis Mitrakas,
hospitality & volunteer manager


Thomie Karydi
Subtitling team


Konstantina Psathopoulou,
Subtitling team


Dimitris Klagos,
graphic design


Chara Sakellari,
graphic design


Vangelis Pandis
Photos / Production


Iakovos Panagopoulos,
video manager

Nefeli Nikiforou2

Maria-Nefeli Nikiforou,
web content editor


Flora Panagiotou,
web content editor


Nikos Giannopoulos,
web developer

Our veterans

Bill Savvanis
Venetia Autzigianni
Ioanna Badema
Aris Dimengelis
Nikos Gravvanis
Julia Fotiadou
Vasso Konstantaki
Ioanna Logaki
Andreas Mastoras
Nikos Moustakas
Olga Papadopoulou


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Here are all the films of the competitive section of Be There! Corfu Animation Festival.




Festival Production: ANIMATE CORFU

Event Organization: Great Events



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