Tribute: Over the Rainbow

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the-confession-of-father-john-thomasA different tribute to LGBT animated films and unique for Greek animation festivals comes from Be there! Corfu Animation Festival.

Animated films that investigate lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered identities are presented in a twofold festival tribute, 16-19 October. Acclaimed directors, such as the stop-motion veteran Barry Purves, but also new creative forces such as Adam Bucher, Malin Elixon, Tomer Eshed,  Richard James, Elka Kerkhofs, Constance Lévesque, Emilio Martí López, Tomasz Kozak, Lorelei Pepi, Frank Ternier and Peque Varela try their stamp on non-heteronormative identity issues.

Funny situtations, people who have the need to suppress their identiy, adulthood worries, loneliness and sexual urges, but also social stigmatization are only some the issues that the films bring through courageously and with an unparalleled and innovative technique.

Μέρος Α

19771977, Peque Varela (SPAIN, 2007), 8' 15''.
Mixed media Production: Gavin Humphreys

A small town, a growing knot and a girl searching for her identity...

achillesAchilles, Barry Purves (UK, 1996), 11' 02''.
Puppets Production: Barry Purves

The stress of the Trojan War puts the already complex relationship between Achilles and Patroclus under further strain..

unanimatedUnanimated (Desanimado), Emilio Martí López (SPAIN, 2011), 7' 10''
Rotoscope Production: Emilio Martí López

A cartoon character goes to therapy because he feels rejection in a real action world that dislikes those who are different. The protagonist reflects on the nature of judgments and has to decide if he adapts to the norm, or if he rather dares to live as he is..

Part Β

bradley-manning-had-secretsBradley Manning Had Secrets, Adam Butcher (UK, 2011), 6'.
Live action, Rotoscope, 3D computer animation Production: Animate Projects

The story of Chelsea Manning (formerly known as Bradley), not as a Wikileaks 'hacktivist', but as a young American soldier simultaneously going through a crisis-of-conscious and a crisis-of-gender-identity. Animated in a rotoscoped pixel-art style and using dialogue from Chelsea’s online conversations, the film explores issues of personal and political secrets, digital identity and alienation.

tchaikovsksy-an-elegyTchaikovsky, An Elegy, Barry Purves (UK/RUSSIA, 2011), 13' 27''.'.
Puppets Production: Irina Margolina and Loose Moose

An interpretation of the composer's life and work.

studsStuds, Richard James (UK, 2005), 1' 41''. '.
2D computer animation Drawing on paper Production: Richard James

Football playing school lads are the focus of a boy’s erotic game.

lashLASH, Elka Kerkhofs (AUSTRALIA, 2008), 5' 30''.

Live action, Cut-out animation, Pixilation, Rotoscope Production: VCA School of Film and Television, University of Melbourne

‘What if you live your whole life in one day and that day is today?’ Celina confronts this question, as she relives past lives in which she and her lover Olisa shared a forbidden love in the midst of a hostile world.

flamingo-prideFlamingo Pride , Tomer Eshed (GERMANY, 2011), 6' 01'''.
3D computer animation Production: Talking Animals

The story of the only heterosexual Flamingo, in his desperate attempt to find love...

le diable en boucheSwallowing the Devil (Le [email protected] en bouche), Frank Ternier (FRANCE, 2011) 16' 30''..
2D computer animation, 3D computer animation Production L' Astronef

Looking for a man through the Internet, Armin meets "Castor" who welcomes the idea of "being eaten". The two men begin a romantic relationship through the net and eventually meet physically

ink-deepInk Deep, Constance Lévesque (CANADA, 2012), 2' 20''.
Production: Constance Lévesque

Throughout the first five months of his hormone reassignment therapy, Rémy Leroux, a transsexual, takes us through his body to his mind, his gender and his identity.

benjamins-flowersBenjamin's Flowers (Benjamins blommor), Malin Erixon (SWEDEN, 2012) 11' 52''.''.
2D computer animation, Production: Malin Ekerstedt and Malin Erixon (production company: Ganzanderes Animation)

Benjamin’s lack of love and company has placed him on the blurry borderline between fantasy and reality, where it can be hard to understand what’s what. We meet Benjamin in the room in which he lives his life – see his confusion, his obsessive thoughts and colorful imagination..

the-confession-of-father-john-thomasThe Confession of Father John Thomas, Elka Kerkhofs (AUSTRALIA, 2011), 5'.'.
2D computer animation, Production: Elka Kerkhofs, Leigh Ryan

In the heart of the Australian outback lives Father John Thomas. During one of his “seemingly” innocent confessionals he is caught out by God who pushes him to reveal his true self. Along with the filthy fantasies of fellow sinner Miss Beaver Eater, he finally gets the balls to confess.

genlemans-romanceGentleman's Romance (Romans dżentelmena), Tomasz Kozak (POLAND, 2000), 10’..
Production:Telewizja Polska - II Program, Studio Filmowe Anima-Pol w Łodzi

It is a surrealist story about human passions. A gentleman is seduced during a phone talk by the mysterious winged man who lives in a beautiful palace. He imprisons the gentleman during their first meeting. They begin a chess game that will change into the erotic game full of aggression and violence.

happy-and-gay-webHappy & Gay, Lorelei Pepi (USA, 2014), 10’ 20''
2D computer animation Production: Lorelei Pepi

Two queer couples go out for a night on the town in a “revisionist history” 1930’s b&w cartoon musical misadventure. The film embeds historical issues of stereotype, representation, censorship and homophobia, and on the way becomes a document that could not have existed at the time it references.

Τhe tribute is open to adult audiences.

The festival would like to thank all directors & producers for their contribution in the realization of this tribute.



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